Joseph and Christina are the best thing that ever happened to my wedding! I was scheduled to be married at the Omni Amelia Island until Hurricane Matthew had us evacuated to Orlando. I had loved Joseph and Christina from the beginning, they were so attentive and personable, and so I was devastated thinking they wouldn't be our wedding photographer. In the most amazing act of kindness, Joseph and Christina came to Orlando, in the middle of a hurricane to photograph my wedding! I would never have made it through the wedding day without them ! They kept us on schedule, which was no easy task, and were so enjoyable to be around. They had come in a day early to scout locations for photographs and had found locations that were similar to the landscape at the Omni Amelia Island that I had fallen in love with. They even picked up on my facial expressions when I did not want any more photographs with my mother! I felt so comfortable being around them, when some photographers can feel like they are invading your space, I felt like they were just more of my friends in the room. I absolutely cannot say enough wonderful things about Joseph and Christina, they were a bright spot in my otherwise very hectic wedding week. I will never be able to express how grateful I am and you would be crazy not to have Still55 as your photographer!!


Our experience with Still55 was absolutely perfect. Photography was definitely one of our highest priorities when planning our wedding, and when searching in our area, we could not find anyone who’s style matched what we had envisioned- images that are elegant yet genuine. We had stumbled across our friend’s wedding pictures in our search, and fell in love with how stunning the images were. From our very first encounter, we were taken with how kind and affable Joe and Christina were. Every part of their business is incredibly well refined, and was geared towards delivering us a high-quality and tailored experience. We had chosen not to do an engagement session (a decision which we definitely now regret!), so the first time we had met Joe and Christina was on the day of the wedding. Even though we had never met in person, they put us at ease with their kind words and personal demeanor. Throughout the day, it was evident how incredibly well prepared and professional they both were. From seeing Joe’s previous work, we knew how talented he was, but did not expect the process to be so easy for us. He was not focused on overly posing us, but encouraged us to enjoy each other and worked to capture images that expressed the emotions and intimate moments throughout the day. It was evident they had a personal investment in us, and truly cared about delivering us creative and authentic shots. We got our pictures much more quickly than we had anticipated, and they had invited us for a personal viewing at their house. We were absolutely blown away with the images. It genuinely felt as if we were reliving our wedding day. We could not wait to get home to share the images with our friends and family, and received so many compliments about how unique and beautiful our pictures are. We cannot emphasize enough how much we loved our experience with Still55, and give our highest recommendation to their services.

-Melinda & David

I'm telling you the BEST advice you will receive as a bride.... INVEST in GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY! You will NOT regret it =). Joe and Christina with Still55 Photography are the absolute BEST (and I am a critic when it comes to good photos). From the moment we met them and saw their work, we immediately became friends and knew they were EXACTLY what we were looking for in photographers. I honestly cannot say enough great things about them-- nearly all of our friends asked who our photographers were because they said they'd never seen photos done to that caliber. If you're searching for someone to take a stiff, posey photo, look somewhere else. BUT if you're looking for experts who shoot the best lifestyle, bring out the very best in you (especially in those in between moments that you aren't expecting), out of the box photos, consider yourself lucky because you just struck GOLD. Obviously you can tell how passionate we are about Still55. We didn't know Joe and Christina before they became our wedding photographers, but we left as great friends and with amazing photos we will cherish forever. Investing in Still55 Photography will be the BEST decision you've ever made besides saying "Yes" to your future husband. =) TRUST US!


Prior to meeting with Joe and Christina from Still55, we had pretty much made up our mind on another photographer. However, that changed instantly as soon as we were greeted by them. They blew us away with their organization, professionalism, creativity and warm welcome. After reviewing some of their incredible portfolio, we knew we would be in excellent hands. Since this was our first time having professional photos taken, they made us feel incredibly comfortable throughout the process and particularly during our engagement shoot. The day of the wedding was no different. They had a carefully crafted plan of how/when/where the photos would be taken so that we would remain on schedule. We took almost all of our photos prior to the ceremony, and were able to enjoy the rest of the evening at our reception with our guests. To top it off, they put together a fantastic slide-show for everyone to see during our reception. Our guests were blown away, and really enjoyed being able to see some of the photos captured earlier that day. After reviewing the edited photos just a few weeks later, we were again so pleased by the moments they captured. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend Still55 for any and all of your photography needs. We have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them, and look forward to working with them in the future!


Joseph and Christina were AMAZING. There is really no way to describe how amazing they are but I will certainly try. First off - when you work with Christina and Joe, you are getting a LOT more than just pictures or wedding photographers. You are gaining friends who CARE about every detail about your wedding - you are not only investing money in your photos but you are investing it in Christina and Joe -- who went well above and beyond what I would have come to expect from a wedding photographer. Their flexibility was astounding, even when my husband and I had to make the very hard decision to post-pone our wedding for several months due to extenuating circumstances, they were understanding and worked with us without hesitation. As we got closer to the wedding, we Skyped with Christina and Joe to work on our timeline for the wedding - thanks to them I had a clear idea of how every event at our wedding would happen, and when they would happen. They worked on a timeline with me that I was able to give to my DJ, coordinator, etc which was absolutely amazing and so helpful. During the reception the photo slideshow was awesome (yes, you get to see some of your photos from earlier within the day AT your wedding!!!!) and my guests could not stop commenting about how beautiful the pictures were and how impressed they were to get to see the pictures from earlier within the day. It really makes for a great gift / bonus event for your guests. And of course, the PICTURES! The photo quality is amazing. Joe shoots in RAW files so you know you are getting THE best. And once you go with Still55 there is no going back - you can't go back to normal pictures when you see the product Joe & Christina are able to produce. Joe's talent lies well beyond a "wedding photographer". His pictures are works of art and they don't just capture moments of your wedding. They tell a story. My husband and I are beyond pleased that we chose Still55 :)


Joseph and Christina were on time, professional, and even prepared to get Jason on Skype if need be! They showed up with samples of their work, information on pricing and wedding packages, and even a tentative timeline of events for our wedding day. Christina is very business oriented and made me feel comfortable asking questions and finding a wedding package that was right for our personal needs. She did most of the talking in the meeting; Joseph only asked one question, "What do you like about our pictures?" I told him that we loved that their photos had a vintage feel, and not only incorporated creatives, but invaluable family moments. To me, this showed that Joseph was truly looking to be a photographer that fits our style. He cared about whether or not Still55 was the right fit for us. The day of our engagement session, it rained an poured, but we were going through with this no matter what! Even though I looked like a wet poodle, Joseph magically made our pictures look amazing! I had people asking me if our shoot was done in PARIS. They made our session FUN. The engagement pictures were ready in a matter of days. They invited us into their home and showed us a beautifully done slideshow. Fast forward to the wedding day. It rained again. By this time, we were both so comfortable around the two of them that is was a breeze having our pictures taken. They worked quickly in order to get all of the cherished pictures we had requested with our family members, and then came up with a beautiful idea for our creatives which had to be done inside because of the weather. Joseph clearly had done his homework and had many backup plans for the day. They captured every little moment. We moved to California three days after the wedding and our pictures were ready before that! For a full review go here:


I was already sold on Joe's work long before my wife and I started looking for a wedding photographer, but she naturally had reservations about hiring an unknown photographer out of Florida to come shoot our wedding in Massachusetts. To date, we didn't have a single shareable photo of the two of us that didn't reside on the internet, so it was important to both of us that we get this right. After doing enough web searches to find a lot of people offering exactly what we didn't want, I called Joe and asked him to send us some recent wedding photos. Kristen's jaw dropped when she saw the first one, and by the end of the album we had him and Christina back on the phone.

From our first meeting, which took place across three time zones via Skype, Kristen and I had total confidence we'd done the right thing. What Joe brings to the equation in terms of artistry and vision, Christina doubles in practicality and forethought. Her insight and responsiveness were actually unbelievable. Two months out she sent us a questionnaire to get a feel for how we wanted things to go down and followed it with a timetable that broke down our wedding day in fifteen minute increments from start to finish. That might sound unsexy, but it gave us a blueprint that we were able to pass along to our officiant, reception staff, florist, etc. Essentially she wrote the script for our wedding day and did all the work of a wedding planner for no extra cost.

Joe's images more than speak for themselves, and to watch him create them is totally impressive. The day before our wedding, Joe walked the grounds and explored every nook of the venue, creating a mental storyboard and mapping out all the spots where the lighting and composition would lend themselves to the amazing cinematic shots he was able to capture. At one point, while shooting our creatives, he wrinkled his brow for a second, then walked over and pulled a fieldstone out of the ground to gain a little extra elevation and get the angle he was after. And we didn't get just three or even twenty spectacular, timeless photos and then a bunch of half-baked portraits to round out the album. In fact, I don't think there was a single image out of roughly 900 that wasn't unique and memorable. When we asked to get a family photo with my 91 year-old grandfather and made it clear we didn't want to keep him on his feet for too long, Joe picked out a tasteful backdrop right where we were standing, backed himself into a shrub to get everyone in the frame, and gently fended off a neighbor's dog with his leg to capture a great photo in under a minute. Grandpa's comment; "That young man is good."

He and Christina both captured every detail from that day, including many that we were too busy to notice until the slideshow, which they somehow managed to expertly put together during speeches to show during dinner. To be honest, I wasn't even for it. It seemed silly to show everybody something that happened an hour ago that they were all present for. I'll tell you though, seeing what Joe and Christina were able to accomplish that day was one of the highlights of everyone's night. 

After the wedding, we got a link to share the slideshow images with our families and guests THE NEXT DAY. Our digital negatives arrived before we were back from our honeymoon, and Christina cheerfully went to bat to get us an extension from her wedding album supplier and re-formatted the entire album when we decided we really didn't like the page layout we had initially chosen. If you are considering hiring a photographer for any occasion, call them right now and be done with it. You will not find better.