What is a Super 8 Honeymoon Film?

Film is becoming a prized commodity, its harder to come by and is highly sought after due to its unmistakable characteristics and timeless elegance. That's why we’ve partner with some of the most creative minds in the wedding film industry to provide a service that is totally unique. Super 8 Honeymoon Films allow you, the couple, to document your first experiences as newlyweds just like your parents did, with a Super 8 camera.

How does it work?

The service is simple, upon deposit we reserve the camera and four rolls of film for the duration of your honeymoon. Two months before your wedding we'll send you a video tutorial that goes through everything you need to know about the camera and more. The video link will included a quick start guide, troubleshooting questions and some tips and tricks that will make you a motion picture master! While you're on your honeymoon, grab you Super 8 and film and document your adventures! Once you’re home, you mail the film and camera back to us and then we transform your skills into a cherished film that you can relive for a lifetime to come. It's that easy!

How long will the video be?

Approximately 3 minutes. Our editors have creative control over the final video so not everything you capture will make it into the final cut but we will provide you will all of the RAW footage as well.   

How will I receive the video?

We will send you a link to preview and approve the final cut. Once you approve it, we'll create a private link online to share with friends & family and send you a copy on a flash-drive for safe keeping.

How long does it take to turn around our honeymoon video?

Up to 90 days. We rely on outside vendors to process the film, Super 8 film is so unique there are only a handful of people in the country that process it and that can take some time.

I really want to do this but I know nothing about film or cameras?

Trust me it’s easy, the video will walk you through all the simple steps and touch on any possible problems you may run into. 

How do I reserve it?

Just let us know the dates you'd like to reserve and we'll send you an invoice and contract online. Cameras are limited and are reserved on a first come first serve basis. If available during your honeymoon, we simply require a 50% non-refundable deposit to make the reservation. The remaining half is due 2 months prior to your wedding so we have plenty of time to get the equipment to you. 

Am I going to be invited to the Oscars for best film?

You might. 

Am I going to look like a nerdy tourist with this thing?

No, you're going to look like a like a ultra hip husband & wife creating timeless art with film!

What if I break it?

You buy it. 

Why should I invest in a Super 8 Film for my Honeymoon?

Your Honeymoon is a once in a lifetime trip. By documenting it in this unique way, you are creating a film that you can cherish with your spouse, children, and family forever. It's an incredible wedding gift that you can BOTH enjoy.