Meet the Team



Chandler Bondurant - 2nd Photographer

I've had a camera in my hands for about four years now, and have been pursuing photography seriously for the past two of those. I'm currently going to school in Atlanta, however when I'm not in school you can find me traveling around the southeast either shooting for Still55 or going on my own adventures. When I'm not photographing weddings or going to school, I'm usually exploring the outdoors with my camera or drinking a great cup of coffee. I've been working with Joseph and Christina shooting weddings for just over half a year now, and have had a blast so far. I'm super excited for whats to come.

-Chandler @chandlerbondurant




Eric Hires - 2nd Photographer

Eric is a full time videographer that makes incredible wedding films on 16mm. He's super talented and one of our go to second photographers when Chandler isn't free.

-Eric @erichires




Bryden LeClair - Booth Butler 

Bryden is full of personality! And as an aspiring photographer, he's an awesome Photobooth attendant! He keeps all things Photobooth running smoothly throughout the night so the fun never stops. 

-Bryden @bryden_leclair




Victoria Rhodes - Booth Butler 

Victoria is another one of our Photobooth Butlers! Her bubbly personality makes hear a great asset to the team but hey, we may be a bit biased since she's Christina's sister too ;) 

-Victoria @victoriar525




Stefanie Kippes - Assistant

Stephane came to us with a love for all things weddings! She is a great photography assistant and helps us in the office from time to time as well. 

-Stefaine @stef_kipp