Tips for Great Wedding Photos

1) Schedule hair & makeup for your engagement session.

Schedule hair and makeup for an engagement session as soon as you have a session date set. Appointments fill up quickly for the really good ones especially on Saturdays. Ask your make up artist to give you a matte finish to prevent the camera from picking up any specular highlights that could make you look shiny. 

2) Choose getting ready rooms with lots of light and open space. 

When you're choosing a place to get ready the two important factors to consider are the amount of natural light and lots of space. Look for lots of windows, open spaces, and furniture that compliments your wedding style and colors. 

3) Unplug your ceremony.

Uncle Bob may have the best of intentions when leaning out into the aisle to record your first kiss with his iPad but it may be at the cost of an amazing professional image! Asking guests to unplug for the ceremony is the best way to prevent great photos from being marred by the "phone in hand pose" and make sure they're fully present to share those special moments with you.