Complimentary Wall Design Services

You may find yourself so overwhelmed by the number of images that you love from our session that seems impossible to choose what to hang on your walls!  Not to worry -  we are happy to assist you with narrowing down your favorites.  We are also proud to offer a complimentary wall art design consultation during your ordering session.  Our studio has invested in unique visualization software that takes all the guesswork out of the process by showing you exactly what your images will look like on the walls of your own home!  It’s easy, just follow these simple steps:

1) Take Photos of your walls

Walk around your home and take images of any blank wall space that would make a good space to display wall art from our session.  Be creative!  Even small nooks can be instantly transformed by the addition of a photo or cluster of photos.

  • It doesn’t need to be perfect...  Even a smartphone image will do  (and might even be easiest because you can text it to us right from your phone!)   Regardless of which camera you use, follow these tips to give us the best backdrop to work with during our consultation:
  • Be a Straight Shooter... Stand directly in front of the wall and take the shot straight on.   Our software overlays the images in 2D, so images that are taken at an angle to the wall will not look as realistic as those taken dead straight.
  • What to include...  Back up as much as you can to get more of the room details in the image.  This imparts a sense of scale to the design software which helps us pick the perfect size for your space!  If your camera does not have a wide angle lens, your cell phone may actually be preferable.  Try both and see which includes the most in the frame.
  • Timing Matters...  Though we can work with any image, images with as much natural light as possible will look the most realistic.  Try to take the images at the time of day when your rooms have the most natural light and avoid flash unless absolutely necessary.

2) Measure

In order to calibrate your room images, we need to know the exact width of any one object in the room.   This could be the width of your couch, fireplace, table or any element that is up against the wall where the images will be displayed.  It can even just be the ceiling height as long as the full height of the wall is displayed in the image.

Tip:  If there is nothing to measure or you don’t have a measuring tape handy, just tape a standard size piece of paper to the wall before snapping the shot - we can use that paper as our guide when scaling your image!

3) Take note and send!

Jot down your measurements (room, object & width) as you take your images. Then email or text the measurements with your room images to us at or 336.675.3043.


What’s YOUR Style?

Everyone has a style -  is yours modern? Traditional? Earthy? Eclectic?   Maybe you aren’t even sure WHAT your style is!  If so, don’t worry - we can find it together.  Start by taking a look around your home for clues... Do you see calm serene blues?  Earthy neutrals?  Bright color pops?  Next, take a look in your closet -   what color clothing do you favor?

Lets Collaborate!

We want your inner style to shine through your images and be our guide to selecting the wardrobe and location of your shoot! Request and fill out the Wall Design Questionnaire with the following questions. This will get you thinking about what style and color palettes you are most drawn to.  By sharing this information with us before your shoot,  we can collaborate to ensure that your images match your family’s unique personality and fit effortlessly into your home decor where you can enjoy them every day! 


Just a few questions to help us get to know your style!

I Prefer:

_Black & White   _Color   _A Mix of Both

On my walls, I like the look of:

_One Large Image   _Several Smaller Images 

I am drawn to:

_Framed Images   _Acrylic   _Metal   _Canvas

I favor these color palettes: 

_Earthy   _Jewel Tones   _Bright & Bold   _Pastel

My home decor is:

_Minimalist   _Contemporary   _Modern   _Art Deco  

_Coastal   _Tropical   _Eclectic   _Asian   _French   _Shabby Chic

_Traditional   _Cottage   _Counrty   _Western

The furniture in my home is mostly: 

_White   _Black   _Brown   _Other


Request a Wall Design Questionnaire Now!

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